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This is the section for my ‘plain English’ definitions for some of the terms used every day around a production.

You can navigate to alphabetical sections of the Definitions or scroll through the list of terms. Generally site references to any terms are linked to their Glossary entry on this page. I link to more “official” sites for any of the truly technical terms.  You can also find helpful External Dictionary Links below.

Internal Glossary Links:

A-B Page
C-D Page
E-H Page
I-M Page
N-Q Page
R-S Page
T-Z Page

If you’ve come across a term or an acronym that you aren’t familiar with please let me know by submitting it below. I’ll do my best to get you a definition and an explanation.


External Dictionary Links

Internet Movie Database – for general movie terms

Legal Terms Defined

Guide to Accounting Terminology

Complete Guide to Insurance Terminology



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