Films on Filmmaking

Here are some of the movies about filmmaking that I think are “must sees”. The page was inspired by the HBO documentary “Casting By” so that film will be the first one listed.

I’ll be adding to the page from time to time and I’d love to hear your suggestions for films you think should be watched by anyone learning about the industry.


CASTING BY directed by Tom Donahue

A look at how the role of Casting Director was created, who the pioneers of the job were and how it impacted the entire film industry.

MAN ON WIRE by James Marsh

Now this film isn’t about the filmmaking process per se, although there is much to be learned from looking at it’s structure. What I find in it that directly relates to filmmaking is the vision of a daredevil combined with the organization and technical execution of a seasoned independent producer. I think this is a must watch for anyone with a dream!


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