Consulting Services

As an independent producer you don’t always need to add another partner to your project to get fresh ideas and insights. offers an array of consulting and professional services at any phase of your production, from concept to distribution.

Some of the things I can do…

  • Provide Script Consultation.
  • Develop a Financing Strategy.
  • Prepare a Budget and Schedule or vet ones that you’ve already prepared.
  • Advise on your Financing Structure
  • Prepare a Business Plan, Cash Flow, Look Book or provide guidance so you can do it yourself.
  • Provide Tax Incentive guidance and direct you to experts to handle unique or complex circumstances.
  • Recommend the Top Specialists, vendors and software to handle your business and production needs.
  • Establish reliable Accounting Procedures in Prep and/or audit your Estimate to Complete during Photography or Post.
  • Advise on DIY Distribution and how best to get your completed film to its audience.


  • Initial consultation is free.
  • Hourly rates as well as Day and Weekly Rates are available.
  • Pricing is flexible.


  • I can do the work for you.
  • I can vet work already done.
  • I can guide you on doing the work yourself.

Contact me ( or by leaving a comment below to learn more, request references or get a free initial consultation


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