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Comment Policy

 I don’t mind having a constructive disagreement and I don’t mind being called out when I’m dead wrong but I need to keep the discussion within bounds. The short list of things that will disqualify a comment from being posted are: 

  • Abusive language
  • Offensive references to any third party 


The goal of this site is to act as your Virtual Mentor by providing solid information and ideas about the value of producing in creating audio/visual content. The advice, like any advice you receive should be taken with “a grain of salt”; in other words, what I offer as advice is an opinion and it is solely my opinion.

I am not a lawyer, an insurance broker or a practicing tax professional. On any legal, tax or insurance matter you should always contact a professional advisor. The information I provide in these areas represents my best judgment as a producer.

I also do my best to keep the site and the courses current but it isn’t always possible. The rates and other specifics that are referenced are used purely for educational purposes and must always be verified since they change over time.

Money Matters

To help offset the costs of doing the site I do make a commission when you click to third party websites from producingforfilm.com and you make a purchase.

That said, if I recommend a product, it means I have used it or spoken at length with people who have.

 I may from time to time make professional references – say for an attorney or CPA. In those situations I do not receive any commissions. That would be unethical. I always try to provide at least two references in those situations and recommend strongly that you meet and talk with all of them and check their references for yourself.


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