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Producingforfilm.com is a resource and a forum for anyone interested in producing audio-visual content.

The mission of this site is to explore the role of the producer in the creation of content and to assemble a set of guiding principles to help producers dramatically improve the projects they are working on.

Everyone has a story to tell and, thanks to technology, the means to tell it. But telling a story well still requires careful planning and execution. Effectively using resources means a stronger end product and that is where the producer comes in. The producer’s mission is to understand the creative people they are working with and then support them to the utmost ensuring that the content produced is the best that it can be.

The initial focus of the site will be on fiction films and narrative television but the systems and techniques discussed can be applied to any audio- visual medium with the right adjustments including music videos, documentaries, reality shows and webisodes. The content of the site itself will be, for the most part, free to anyone who visits and will include workshops and classes designed and tested over years of graduate level teaching. The site will also be an open forum for discussion with experienced producers about their own tried and true methods because being a producer means bringing order to the chaotic process of creativity but it also means doing that in a very unique and individual way.

In the end this site is about learning, sharing that knowledge and putting it to use in the creation of stronger content.

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