Set Safety: Lessons

Here are the short video lessons. My recommendation is to watch them in order but that’s up to you. I do strongly advise that you watch Lesson 1 before exploring any other topics because this lesson contains what I believe to be the simplest handful of rules that will provide a safe work environment.

Lesson 1: Basic Precautions

Lesson 2: Dangerous & Stupid

Lesson 3: Things Electrical

Lesson 4: Things Mechanical

Lesson 5: Preparing Your Crew

Lesson 6: Working Outdoors

Lesson 7: Special Guests

Lesson 8: Driver’s Ed


Congratulations on finishing the course!

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Please take a moment to leave a comment or a suggestion. What lessons did you like? What lessons would you like to see more about and are there any lessons you’d like to see me create?


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