Business Basics: Lessons

Here are the short video lessons. My recommendation is to watch them in order but that’s up to you. I do strongly advise that you watch Lesson 1 before exploring any other topics because it lays the foundation for everything that follows.

This is NOT a DIY business course!

It IS a course about selecting a business team to rely on and knowing enough to make intelligent use of them. So please begin with this first lesson.

Lesson 1: Your Professional Team

Lesson 2: Legal Entities

Lesson 3: The Investment Waterfall

Lesson 4: Insurance Primer

Lesson 5: Completion Bonds

Lesson 6: Union & Guild Primer

Lesson 7: Interpreting an Agreement

Lesson 8: Accounting for Movies and Television

Lesson 9: Tax Incentives

Congratulations on finishing the course!

To receive a electronic version of the Course Guide Book just email me –

Please take a moment to tell me your comments on the course. What lessons did you like most? What lessons would you like to see expanded? And, what lessons didn’t I touch upon at all and should be created?


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