Quick Catch Up

Learning is something that goes on throughout one’s life. For me, one thing I’ve learned about this space is how difficult it is to maintain any type of blog and to get a site like this going. Nonetheless, after two years of being up and running but also being less than “current” I am going to re-dedicate myself to bringing the entire site up to date. That means more posts and it means a further expansion of course materials.

So far, the site has served as a compliment to my live course work. I use many of the short video lessons with classes that I have taught at Columbia University, City College of New York and even for a guest appearance at Brooklyn College last week.

The new year will bring new teaching challenges and I will be expanding on a lot of the curriculum I have created. This site will be the partial beneficiary of that expansion. So look for more “stuff”.

Included in the “stuff” category will be an e-book I hope to complete called Money4Movies that outlines the basics of all of the various ways money is raised to make films, television shows and really any form of audio visual work. (Note the avoidance of the word “content” – which I find objectionable and will write about in a separate post.)

I also have the great fortune to have raised a bit of money for a documentary on jazz tenor sax legend Gato Barbieri. The working title is “El Gato”. I will, from time to time, write about what I am learning in the doc world as I learn it. That’s one area that has been lacking both on the site and in my own career. It’s very exciting to be taking on a whole new type of project after 36 years in the business and I am taking careful notes.

More to come…




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