Our First Meetup Group

Last week I announced that I was starting a Meetup Group for aspiring and emerging producers. Well, today I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve scheduled the first actual in person Meet Up. It’s a free event on April 16th in Manhattan.

My goal for these Meet Ups is to help anyone interested in pursuing a career as a producer to do their job a little better. The method will be a series of free lectures and an offering of some affordable courses and webinars.

Stay tuned for more information in this space and join the ProducingforFilm Meetup group at Meetup.com

Here’s the text of the Invitation:

First Meet Up

We’ll talk about the role of the producer and what a producer does at each of the various stages in the life of a production – trying to break it down as much as possible. It’s a big topic that we will be returning to a lot as we build our knowledge and skill set for creating better content.

The plan for the evening is as follows:

– A meet & greet as everyone arrives, gets their drinks and settles in.

– A brief intro and the obligatory “going around the room”

– A discussion about producing that should last about 30 minutes

– A discussion about upcoming meet ups including topics and types of venues

It should be a great opportunity to build your professional network by meeting like minded people. We’re starting in Manhattan but I hope to be doing these at various locations in Brooklyn and Queens as well.

The venue is a casual place where you can get a bite to eat or a drink, meet other people interested in filmmaking and, hopefully, learn a few things. It’s a nice big space but we need your RSVP to make sure they are ready.

Hope you’ll join us!


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