Producing Basics: Live & In Person

I’m delighted to announce that I am teaching a course this fall being offered through Film Interchange. The course, PRODUCING BASICS: PRE-PRODUCTION will take participants through some essential producing functions from early pre-production all the way up to the first day on set. It’s geared to small feature films but can apply to any short film or web project you have in mind. The nice thing about producing skills are that they are both teachable and scalable – applicable to any size project or budget. No matter what the project is, the core skills remain the same.

Who’s a good candidate to take this course? For starters, anyone who wants to produce a feature, a short or a web series.

A common issue with new producers is that they are either one of two extremes: a micro-manager or a macro-manager. Some producers dig deep into every minute detail of production – almost getting lost in them and making decisions based on moment to moment conditions and circumstances. These are often the classic “over-thinkers” who don’t see the big picture. Other producers will stay so far away from the details that they make broad decisions without ever considering their practical implications. The courses on this site and the Film Interchange course, in particular, will help strike a balance between those two extremes. A producer needs to know enough about the details to make good decisions while keeping the big picture in the forefront.

But this course isn’t just for producers. It’s really for anyone who wants to understand the filmmaking process from both the organizational and creative side. I think it’s a must for anyone who is a creative or financial stakeholder in the making of a film. Directors and Actors will find it helpful to understand where and how decisions are being made that will affect their work. It can also help them judge the qualities they should look for when they engage a Producer and a clear understanding of that person’s role. Financiers will learn how a project is organized and executed, providing insight into how their resources are being used. Other crew members will learn the thought process a producer goes through and how decisions are made that affect their contribution to a film.

For those of you new to this site, the philosophy is to provide information about an array of producing topics and focus on the things you may not know you need to know. Producing is something that is best learned through experience but that shouldn’t mean you have to make every single “rookie producer mistake” in order to learn the job.  Experience is a great teacher but the information on this site and in the Film Interchange course provides every producer with a head start.

I hope you can join us for the live course and I hope you find the site useful in preparing for that course and for the job of producing.

Get more information about the Course and sign up HERE!

If you’ve already signed up here are some things you can do to prepare:

 1. Check out the Resource Page and read some of the books suggested on the Reading List.

2. Watch some of the recommended movies about filmmaking (I’ll be adding more in the coming days and weeks.

3. And explore the FREE COURSES on this site.

To help out with that last item I’ll be starting a new “Featured Lesson” series of posts that point to specific lessons in the courses already available. I know that you don’t have hours to learn a lot of things, but you may have ten minutes to learn a very specific thing that will improve your skills.

If you don’t already know about Film Interchange you should. It’s a great networking group centered around film that meets every month. Look for their exciting lineup of events this fall.

And check out my latest Producing Resource Offer here.

As always, let me know if you have specific questions about producing and let me know what you think of the courses and the site.

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